Clare Mann BSc, MSc, MA, PD Dip Couns, Reg Psych. CPsychol

Clare Mann is an organisational psychologist, existential psychotherapist and author of numerous books and training programmes. She is an expert in communication, skilled in dispelling the myths that limit people in their lives and work so they can create and satisfying lives which align with their values and purpose. Her education equips her with the skills to work in a variety of contexts and contribute creative interventions to challenges facing individuals and organisations.

She has a BSc in Psychology, MSc in Occupational Psychology, MA in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling and Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. She is the co-founder of The Path of Conscious Leadership, a platform facilitating collaborative projects in personal and organisational leadership. She has worked in over 15 countries, making her sensitive to cultural variations and ran a private practice for over ten years. Clare’s expertise lies in helping individuals create extraordinary results by becoming an expert communicator with yourself. This means truly listening to yourself and seeing where you deny what you want or sabotage an inner desire to change.

Through skillful facilitation, she helps people understand the meaning of their presenting symptoms and transform problems into opportunities. Through her programmes and teaching methods, she helps them examine problems within the wider context of finding purpose and meaning. She has the extraordinary ability to work sensitively with individuals experiencing anxiety, behavioural disorder, depression and relationship difficulties, believing that meanings underpinning symptoms are existential in nature. Once the real reasons behind symptoms are identified, individuals become empowered to embrace choices they often believe are unavailable. This is where skills development ensures people go on to change their actual lives ? and for the better!

She strongly believes that individuals must first become leaders of their own lives before they can lead in their families, communities, organisations and beyond. Her rare combination of skills enables her to work both effectively with individuals in organisations with teams and cultures.

“I was given a fantastic opportunity to work with Clare through a management coaching program. At first I was nervous about such individual attention but Clare soon calmed those fears and I came to value the perspective that Clare gave. Very quickly I was eagerly looking forward to our meetings and I craved the learning and ‘truth’ that Clare enabled me to come to know. The program went far beyond just work orientation and I found my personal life was enhanced and enriched due to the insights and guidance given to me by Clare. Thank you Clare, our time has literally changed my life.”
Nita Carthew Human Resources Manager, Woollahra Council, Australia


Her publications include: