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"The quality of our relationships and life is directly related to the quality of our communication"

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Clare has practised as a psychologist and organisational consultant for over twenty years.

Her focus is on helping people to become conscious leaders of their own lives, and she firmly believes that, “The quality of our relationships and life is directly related to the quality of our communication.”

Whilst most developmental processes in communication focus on skills attainment, Clare works with individuals and groups from an existential perspective, to help them listen and communicate with themselves first. This, combined with skills training, enables a person to take full responsibility for their life, find purpose, and put in place the skills to get results.

Clare has extensive international experience in the areas of communication, leadership, executive coaching, organisational development and work/life integration. She has been awarded fellowships to both the Australian Human Resources Institute and the British Psychological Society for her contribution to those professions.

Clare is the author of numerous books and training programs, one of which, “Communicate – How to Say What Needs to be Said, When it Needs to be Said and How it Needs to be Said” has international acclaim, with the foreword written by Presidential Advisor and Best Selling Author, Doug Wead. Her book, “Human Resource Development: Strategy and Tactics” is prescribed reading for the professional training of HR professionals in the UK.

Beyond her work which clearly sits inside an ethical leadership model, Clare is an ethical vegan and a staunch defender of animal rights. She has studied the psychology of ethical veganism for over a decade, and is an active support within the community.


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