Clare Mann

Clare Mann is an Organisational Psychologist, Bestselling Author of numerous books and Existential Psychotherapist with extensive international experience facilitating individuals and organisations to create extraordinary results.

Her main focus has been on communication, leadership, executive coaching, organisational development and work/life integration. One of her books is a required text for a university course.

Her latest book Communicate – How to Say What Needs To Be Said, When It Needs To Be Said and In The Way It Needs To Be Said was released August 28th 2012 in Sydney, Australia.

She was a human resources manager in a large UK Public Relations Company prior to holding a Senior Lectureship in Occupational Psychology in a British university. She developed open learning provision internationally and chaired a team responsible for quality standards in Human Resource Management. Following changes in the British National Health Service, she became Chief External Examiner on the BSc/Diploma in Health Services Management for the Royal College of Nursing.

She co-authored Strategic Human Resource Development, a text that is essential reading for the chartered training of HR professionals in the UK. She is the author of The Myths of Life and the Choices We Have and contributing author to the bestseller Awakening the Workplace: Achieving Connection, Achievement and Success at Work.

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